Antcom delivers leading edge RF technology to customers developing systems and solutions for the defense, aerospace, unmanned, survey and agriculture markets. Explore the sections below to see products tailored to your application.

Aerospace & space antennas

Antcom aerospace products offer low-profile and multi-band blade antennas for lightweight, low aerodynamic drag antenna solutions.

Agriculture antennas

Antcom choke ring antennas will reject multipath signals and leverage satellites at all sky angles for enhanced GNSS accuracy. We provide specialized low-noise amplifiers for long-life performance after high thermal cycles.

Defense antennas

Antcom antennas for defense are ruggedised and built to provide accurate positioning and communications in the harshest conditions on all defense platforms.

Survey antennas

Antcom offers resilient GNSS survey antennas in configurations ranging from pole and pipe mount to choke ring. All Antcom antennas are configurable for frequency, form factor and application.

Unmanned systems

When every gram counts, you can count on Antcom to maximize your uptime, while minimizing fuel and battery life for unmanned systems.

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