Agriculture / Machine Control

Agriculture Solutions

Discover how GPS/GNSS technology provides farming and construction equipment precision and accuracy like never before.

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Aerospace / Transportation

Aircraft Antenna | Aviation GPS | Aviation Antenna

Learn about the stringent tests that make Antcom’s GNSS and communication antennas airworthy.

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Defense / Security

Military GPS | Military Antennas | Military Antenna - Antcom

GPS/GNSS and communication are vital to military and security operations. Find out how our antennas withstand extreme conditions.

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Wireless Networks / Telecom

Wireless Networks/Telecom

Find out how Antcom’s antennas enable essential wireless networks and telecom infrastructure.

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Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Systems

GNSS and communication are essential components of UAVs, UGVs and AUVs. Learn more about our unmanned antennas.

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Satellite Communication

Satellite Communication

Antcom support several satellites constellations. Learn more about our wide range of Satcom data antennas.

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Marine / Submarine

Marine / Submarine

Navigation and communication are crucial in the marine industry. Antcom is a leader in seaworthy antennas.

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Survey / Geodesy


The geodetic industry requires highly accurate GNSS antennas. Discover Antcom’s wide range of geodetic grade antennas.

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About Antcom

Antcom Corporation excels in the design, customization and production of a wide range of antennas and microwave ancillary products. We deliver leading edge RF technology to customers developing systems and solutions for the survey, agriculture, construction, aerospace, aviation, transportation, military, security, marine, satcom, and telecommunication markets.

Whatever your antenna requirements are, GPS, GNSS, SBAS, CPRA, UHF, GSM, ISM, WiFi, Broadband, Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Thuraya, SiriusXM, or Video/Data Link in the L, S, C, X, Ku bands… We have the solution!

News and Events

Introducing Antcom’s New
CRPA Antenna Series

Antcom produces a wide range of multi-elements, multi-channel GPS and GNSS Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas (CRPAs) for anti-jam applications. Our CRPAs are optimized for military and civilian, aviation, marine, and ground based applications. Antcom offers off-the-shelf and custom developed CRPAs in various sizes and form factors.